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February 7, 2020

Picking the perfect outfit for a photo-shoot

A very common question among my clients prior to a session is about wardrobe selection. How to select the right outfit for a photo-shoot. What should I wear? or do you have any suggestions? and the answer is yes, I know what you should wear. Here are some of my suggestions.

First. Dress for success. Consider your photo-shoot an investment and make the most of it. Rock your outfit! Choosing your colors wisely can really pay off. Clean calm neutrals are the best choice. Why? Because they flatter the image and they are easy to color coordinate. Overall, neutrals are a better choice because they photograph really well. If you still having a hard time choosing a color. Try to find a color palette that includes a color of your liking and go from there. Second, you should wear comfortable clothes, and make your outfit season-appropriate when it comes to colors, style, and occasion. For example:

You don’t want to wear turtle necks in the middle of July or flip flops for an elegant engagement. If the photo-shoot is held during Spring or Summer, you might want to consider for a more colorful selection. Rose and peach are good choices.

The same thing applies if you are having a session during Christmas, Fall or  anytime during Winter.  I’m so in love with everything Fall and I think the color palettes for this season are amazingly gorgeous. Check out these boards I found on Pinterest.

Also, consider sticking to solid colors at ALL cost and avoid logos and busy prints. Logos are distracting and will be the focal point of the photograph. We don’t want that. We want the photo-shoot to be about you and we want you to be the focal point.

Keep it simple.  Remember, less is more. Simplicity brings a sense of cleanliness and elegance.

For inspiration and other ideas on what to wear to your photoshoot feel free to check our board “Outfits” on Pinterest.

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